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Precinct Chair Information

Precinct Chairs

Thank you for your interest in learning more about becoming a Precinct Chair in El Paso County.  This is the most important elected position and the foundation of a grassroots movement for the Republican Party!


The position of Precinct Chair is key to the growth and success of our Party.  A Precinct Chair represents the Party to voters in your neighborhood.  You are a leader in your community and a voice advocating for our Republican principles.


As a Precinct Chair, you help organize to win elections for the Republicans in your precinct.  Republican precinct chairs are elected by the Republican primary voters in their precinct or may be appointed by the El Paso GOP's other precinct chairs.  An unopposed precinct chair candidate is elected automatically


The table below lists the current El Paso County TX Republican Precinct Chairs (as of 6/10/2024):

El Paso County TX has 221 precincts and upwards of around 115 Vote Centers for large elections.

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